We turn precision technology into industrial artistry and clever engineering for all our customers.

K&Y Diamond is an ultra-precision diamond tool manufacturer recognized worldwide. We combine more than 50 years of expertise with cutting edge technology to provide our customers with high-end tools that rank among the most competitive ones on the market.

Our strength lies in our optimal manufacturing processes. They are at the core of what we are able to offer today: an unrivalled precision to the nanometer.

K&Y innovates – Our professional skills have evolved with the requirements of the demanding industries, manufacturers, and international demand. Today, we offer extreme precision tooling, which is facing very limited competition from the market. From optics and jewellery to electronics and aerospace, we foster a real culture for innovation, challenging the market standards and delivering advanced value-added products that are designed in our manufacturing facility in Montreal.

K&Y commits – Only the best products reach our clients. The entire production is managed under ISO certification, which guarantees a very high level of quality. K&Y Diamond is committed to all clients and provides standard and tailor-made precision-engineered solutions to ensure the success of your projects. That is how we define a true commitment.

K&Y grows – We’re growing fast. We address the needs of clients all over the world who are looking for a unique expertise. Our goal today is to stand alongside our customers for the success of their projects. To do so, we put our skills and know-how at their disposal.

Because each project matters
Thanks to our high level of technical capability, our skills and our network of certified distributors, at K&Y Diamond, we are the only diamond tool manufacturer on the market able to offer such a level of adaptability. Featuring unrivaled to date precision, we provide the perfect fit for your application. Whatever the application, we can provide you with customized diamond tools. Our techniques and processes are also in constant evolution to match the industries latest needs and challenges.

Ultra precision, attention to detail and performance, it’s what we do daily and what we do best.

Contact our team of experts to know which tool is best for you.